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Welcome to Part 1 in my ‘How to Start a Blog’ Planning Series. In this three-week series, I’m going to show you the planning phases of how to start a blog including commitment, your mission, branding and a blog plan. If you are somebody who has been considering starting a blog for some time or you have just recently started blogging, this is the perfect post for you! I will be sharing weekly strategies on how to plan your blog so it has the best foundation to be successful.

As somebody who has started a couple blogs, one of those is now an e-commerce shop and I am SO grateful that it started as a blog. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you in this three-part blog series.

First off, I want to say GO FOR IT! I think a blog is a fantastic tool for self-expression and can be a very helpful place for you to self-develop and share your experiences. For example, you may be an interior designer and by creating your own blog to showcase your interior design work, you will creating a great place to showcase your talent, increase exposure and if you like, increase your client base.

What’s wonderful about a blog, is that anybody including YOU has the chance to be successful, what you need are the right tools, a plan, and some serious commitment.

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If you’re wanting to start a blog, or have recently started one…..

Are you ready to go for it?

So now you’re interested (or should be) in starting a blog, once you figure what niche or topic you want to blog about, it’s time to commit. Complete commitment is essential if you want a successful blog, whether success means wide readership, exposure of your work, a place for you to network and grow your business, a place where you can sell your product or services or because you can reach people to inspire or teach.

I believe commitment is what can determine your success in any venture, and definitely when it comes to blogging. When you get excited about starting your blog, ask yourself: will I be able to commit to this blog for a long period of time?

In asking that question, you are also asking will you be able to commit to the topic of this blog for a long time?

If you see some great fitness bloggers and know that you have some really cool workouts that you could create a fitness blog about. You must be certain that in 18 months time, you will still be committed to sharing your fitness videos?

No matter how many successful blogs there are, you still have every chance to succeed in your niche so long as you have the commitment to spend researching, marketing, building, creating content for and perhaps monetizing. Of course, your blog will change as your aesthetic does, but for it to be truly successful, you have to commit to the following steps:

Step 1

Part of creating a blog also means creating a personal brand. You will want to decide on a blog that aligns with your personal values, values that you will be able to commit to for a long period of time. This means, that you might not want to start blogging about cooking if you only just started to enjoy cooking. That’s not to say you can’t, but it’s important you differentiate between a passing trend and your core passions in life that won’t budge.

Step 2

Time. You are going to need to dedicate time every day to ensure that your blog is a success. Because of the amount of time you will need to dedicate, it is important that you are committing to a blog because it’s truly a reflection of you and what you want to spend your time doing.

Step 3

Do you have any funds available to start a blog? There are costs that you will need to consider including – website and email hosting, new phone apps, online subscriptions. You may also need to buy more expensive items such as a camera, laptop, lighting for photos or desk to work at. Depending on your niche, you may also need to purchase items to get started creating content – such as regular purchases of clothes for a fashion blog, beauty products for a beauty blog, and so on.  

If you said yes to all of the above….

If you’re still reading, I sense that you are in this 100%! Go you, I’m excited. Now it’s time to commit and that means no excuses. YOU and only YOU are solely responsible for the success of your blog. It’s time to believe in yourself, and trust that like many things we start in life, if you stick to it long enough and remain persistent, it will work.

Be Persistent

So early on it’s easy to have your motivation and commitment in place, but you have to carry this with you which is the hard part. After one month of only getting 10 people a day or another terribly low amount of traffic to your blog, this is not the time to quit, it is the time to WORK HARDER. You have committed now the work begins!

You are making a commitment to something that may require sacrifice in order for you to create more time to work on your blog. So commit to your blog like it is your new pet, your relationship or your job. Commitment and persistence are what you need in order to achieve your desired level of success. SO MANY big name bloggers have been at it for YEARS! Just remember that you are committing to something that requires dedication, don’t get discouraged early on.

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Up Next

Now that you’re inspired and committed, stay tuned for Post 2 (released next week) in the Blog Planning Series which will be about defining your mission, aligning your personal goals and branding.
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