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Rachael’s Journal Book Club: April Recommended Reads

Reading Outlander, April Book Club | Rachael's Journal Lifestyle Blog

Wearing: Wisteria Satin Pajamas from Finding Rosie Hello, lovelies! How are you doing? This year has been a slow start for me with books. I have found myself working too late, and then when I get into bed to read, I can only get a few pages before getting sleepy. To fix this, I have […]

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Moon Child: My Love for the Moon (and Reading Socks)

“…but just like the Moon, you shined in times of darkness” My love for the Moon (and reading socks!). Yes, in these cooler months, I’m always wearing a pair of reading socks whenever I’m at home with my head in a book. In this instance, I am reading Moonology by Yasmin Boland, a book I recently picked […]

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October Reading List

October is such a wonderful time of year to read in Vancouver. It is when the weather starts to cool down, and the rain begins. Lots of rain, so slow weekend mornings and relaxing late afternoons I can easily dedicate hours to reading a book I’m engrossed in. If you are looking for a new […]

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