Book Club: You Are a Badass at Making Money

Hello! I’m excited to feature a regular book club post on Rachael’s Journal. Kicking off with my featured book for October, You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero.

Every now and then, a book will come along that changes you. Often these books have been fiction (Harry Potter, Outlander) I have become fans of those books and they have always stayed with me. In this instance a business and self-development book, You are a Badass at Making Money has changed my mindset and I think you should read it.

Money can be a dirty word for lots of people. You will often hear people say the words ‘money can’t buy happiness’. What is happiness? I wrote a list of all things that make me happy including coffee with my fiance, exploring this beautiful planet, eating wholefood vegetarian, family vacations, reading and buying books. These are just some items and even the most simple moments (morning coffee), it’s money that will give me the freedom to do more regularly. Money is the tool that can help all of us achieve moments of joy and we shouldn’t feel ashamed and greedy for wanting the tool (money) that we can exchange for doing more of what we love.

Rich = The ability to afford all the things and experiences required to fully experience YOUR most authentic life.

Each of us has different passions that resonate with us when it comes to changing the world or wanting better. Whatever cause it is that you get behind, money is going to be the most effective tool to start change. Money is the medium to give you more freedom and options to make the most impactful change.

You can do some really cool stuff with money, don’t let the jerks who give it a bad name ruin it for you.

This book helps to stop the beliefs and excuses you tell yourself in your as to why you can’t or don’t deserve wealth. I love how Sincero writes like a total badass. She weaves in personal stories that are laugh out loud entertaining and ensures this book is far from boring.

STOP MAKING EXCUSES about why you don’t have more money.

Time wasted rationalizing the mediocre could be time spent creating the magnificent.

When I read this book, I had a pink highlighter next to me and highlighted my favourite quotes and passages so I can see them when I flick back through the book and I feel motivated as hell.

After reading You Are a Badass at Making Money I changed my thoughts and attitude toward an area of my business that wasn’t as successful as others. Previously, I had been making excuses in my head and trying to justify reasons it wasn’t keeping up with other areas. This book helped me to completely change my thoughts and determination in this area of the business. I started using words like ‘it will be..’ instead of ‘it can’t be successful because’. I focused on a successful outcome, wrote it down, said it out loud, and I saw immediate results. The immediate results were spooky!

“What you focus on you create more of.”

Vague aspirations lead to vague results

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I hope you give this book a go, it’s fantastic! If you’ve read this book I’d love to hear what you thought! Leave a comment below and let’s discuss – Rachael